About us

Our purpose is to prevent or shorten sick leave as well as unemployment, i.e. by an early support and by preventive activities. The coordination which the Association enables, also prevents people from ending up in a grey zone, or in a vicious circle between different authorities. 

The Association is mutually owned and financed by the Employment Service office, the Regional Social Insurance office, the County council and the Municipalities of Haninge, Nynäshamn and Tyresö. These four authorities contribute 2017 with in all 18 MSEK to the operation of the Association and they all take part in the different steering groups of each rehabilitation activity. 

We also recieve financial support from the EU for special projects. 

Mission statement

”The Coordination Association Östra Södertörn shall develop cooperation between authorities and other partners further, in order to give people who need cross-over support better chances to support themselves and to create a positive future.” 


”Our mutual activities will lead to work, health and comfort.” 


The decision to found the Coordination Association Haninge was taken as a result of the very good experiences from the so called SOCSAM-project. This project started in 1998 in order to evaluate the effects of the interaction between authorities. Corresponding evaluations were simultaneously going on in seven other municipalities. 

The Coordination Association Haninge was founded the first of February 2007. On the first of April 2010 two further municipalities joined the Association, Nynäshamn and Tyresö, the name was changed to the Coordination Association Östra Södertörn and a new federal policy was formed.

The Coordination Association Östra Södertörn is financing coordinated rehabilitation activities from the society's side.

The Association is mutually owned and financed by different authorities, who contribute to the operation of the Association, which was formed in 2007. In the middle: executive director Anna Lexelius.


Anna Lexelius, executive director, +46 73-079 70 96


After a parliamentary decision in 2003 it became possible to establish legally independent coordination associations who could finance and develop this kind of cooperation between authorities, called Finsam.